Bosch IXO 5 Full Package

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The successful power tool now in its 5th generation includes angle screw adapter and off-set angle adapter. Improved ergonomic design, with micro USB charger for fast charging, No memory effect, Intuitive control.

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The little house hero for all screwdriving needs. The IXO cordless screwdriver is a handy little hero tool to have around the house. It features an ergonomic design for a naturally comfortable grip and intuitive handling. It also has a built-in PowerLight Concept with LEDs to produce focused spot or scattered lighting for great visibility while working. A micro-USB cable that connects to any USB interface makes charging easy. The IXO is perfect for assembling or disassembling furniture and tightening screws. Its Lithium-ion battery does not discharge in storage and is therefore always ready when needed.


Ergonomic handle design for multiple grip positions
Power LED for either focused spot or scattered lighting
MicroUSB charger for easy portable charging solutions
Easy furniture assembly and disassembly, fast tightening, or removal of screws
Lithium-ion technology produces no memory effect or battery self-discharge

Battery voltage: 3.6 V
Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah
No-load speed: 215 rpm
Max. torque for soft/hard screw. application:s 3 / 4.5 Nm
Charging time: 3 hrs
Drill chuck Magnetic bit holder with hexagonal shank
Machine weight: 0.3 kg
Screw diameter: up to 5 mm
Tool dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 46 x 118 mm


Off-set angle adapter (1 600 A00 1YA)
USB charger
Angle adapter (1 600 A00 1Y8)
10 standard screwdriver bits