Cressi F1 Mask - Yellow

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The Cressi F1 is a modern single-crystal mask with especially elegant, harmonious and Frameless technology. It’s ultra low-volume, single lens design provides an excellent field-of-view.

The silicone skirt bonds directly to the lens for lower weight and reduced drag. Fast-adjust ratcheting strap buckles mounted to skirt.

Featuring supple, high-grade silicone that seals gently and securely against the face. Tempered glass lenses. Easy-access nose pocket for equalization.

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The F1 is an elegant modern mask using Cressi’s Frameless technology. The bright silicone finish gives an attractive look that is enhanced by a range of vibrant colours. The silicone skirt connects directly to a tempered glass lens eliminating the need for a bulky frame and providing a streamlined mask.

This system ensures a low internal volume to aid with equalisation while maintaining visibility in all directions. The large single lens allows the diver’s eye to be close to the glass without pressure on the brow or top of the nose. Simple buckles allow the mask strap to be easily adjusted even during the dive. The F1 is a perfect mask for snorkelling and diving.