Foxes Island Awatere Estate Noble Riesling

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It is no wonder that Noble Riesling has always been regarded as the nectar of the gods as these wines are rare and only come along a few times per decade when the conditions are absolutely perfect. When the juice slowly emerges from the skins, it yields a beautifully concentrated juice lovingly referred to as liquid gold. A rich, concentrated dessert wine with strong notes of honey/honeycomb, apricot, peach and a suggestion of lime zest. A luscious wine supported by a perfect balance of fruity acidity that prevents any sense of cloying. Enjoy with salty and spicy flavours, like blue cheese and spiced nuts or with textural and bright fruit tarts and creme brulee. Ideal serving temperature is 12°C.

•Limited release
•Sustainably produced
•Cellar-aged prior to release