Hallertau Mixed Beers - 24 Pack

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Size: 24 bottles Volume: 330ml per bottle

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These beers began life as humble numbers. The Auckland locals tasted and debated the characteristics of our NZ craft beer and created potential names. Some names were unprintable, and some just plain embarrassing, but the vote was cast and now the beers have real names as is the tradition with craft beer.

Nevertheless, the numbers have stuck around. Due mounting to peer pressure and public demand, the Hallertau family has expanded with the addition of the cheeky No.5 Pilsnah and the quiet, often misunderstood No. 6 Session IPA.

• 4 x Hallertau Luxe Kolsch Beer
• 4 x Hallertau Statesman Pale Ale
• 4 x Hallertau Copper Tart Red Ale
• 4 x Hallertau Deception Schwarzbier
• 4 x Hallertau Pilsner
• 4 x Hallertau Session Ale