Sharp Midsize Inverter Convection Microwave - 32L - 1100W

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Smart inverter; Smart Convection; 28 Smart Auto menus; Sequence cooking; Program 3 frequently used settings; LED text display; 1100W

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Sharp's 1100w Midsize Smart Convection Microwave Oven is versatile for the whole family. This Microwave Oven can be used as an oven using the fan-forced Convection function, and also features a Smart inverter that reduces uneven cooking and hotspots. Additional Smart features include intuitive LED text display, sequence cooking and the ability to program 3 frequently used settings for quick and easy use.


Microwave Power Output - This microwave has an output power of 1100 Watts to enable you to defrost, cook and reheat all of your favourite dishes
Smart Convection - Use this versatile Smart Convection feature to produce a range of delicious baked and roasted dishes for the entire family.
28 Smart Auto menus - For easy and efficient defrosting, cooking and reheating of popular menus, use Sharp's pre-programmed Australian Developed Auto Menus. 28 Auto Menus have been included in this microwave for your convenience.
Smart Inverter - Enjoy Smart Inverter Technology as it offers more even and controlled cooking, shorter cooking times and a lighter oven.
Favourite Key - The Favourite Key allows up to 3 frequently used microwave power levels and cook times to be stored in the microwave for everyday use
Sequence Cooking - This function allows you to cook by programming up to 4 different cooking stages and times. Once programmed, there is no need to interfere with the cooking operation as the oven will automatically move onto the next stage.
7 Digit LED Display
Stainless Steel