Foxes Island Awatere Estate Pinot Noir

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Since 1993, Foxes Island Pinot Noir has been the flagship of the highly respected house under the direction of international winemaker John Belsham.  With a commitment to cellar ageing prior to release, Foxes Island Pinot Noir is always a standout. The wine was naturally fermented by the yeasts form the vineyard and aged in small French oak barrels. The wine is very present in the glass with an elegant structure wrapped in dark velvety aromas and textures. The wine will continue to unfold over time, making this wine a delight to drink. Classic pairings include duck, lamb and mushroom dishes, roast chicken and grilled salmon.

Ideal serving temperature is 18°C. 

•Vegan friendly
•Sustainably produced
•Indigenous ferment
•Cellar-aged prior to release